Titles of Christ

Artist Clinton R. LeFort
Title Titles of Christ
Release Date Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Genre Inspirational
Copyright © MelatiaeTrade Records

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Album dedicated to Christ Titles

This is an album of instrumental music dedicated to meditative songs which evoke general moods surrounding certain titles of Christ. There are seven such instrumentals here


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19.01.2010 Radio stations in USA
19.01.2010 Catholic Bookstores
19.01.2010 Jingo Airplay

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Radio Karussell (AUSTRIA) http://www.radio-karussell.com/
    Advocate (Clinton R. LeFort)
    Almighty (Clinton R. LeFort)
    Alpha and Omega (Clinton R. LeFort)
    Corpus Christi (Clinton R. LeFort)
    New Adam (Clinton R. LeFort)
    The Amen (Clinton R. LeFort)
    The Angel (Clinton R. LeFort)