The Sunny Side

Artist Christoph CALiM
Title The Sunny Side
Release Date Monday, April 11, 2022
Genre Pop > Pop
Copyright © Guardians of the Earth

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The Sunny Side

Singer/Songwriter Christoph CALiM releases his new song "The Sunny Side" in April 2022: Darkness or light? Hate or love? War or peace? Dependency or freedom? Lie or truth? Despair or hope? The answer to all these questions is not only influenced of the outside world, but just as much of our inner world. We are free to decide which force we turn to – the dark or the bright, sunny side? Which inner and outer attitude do we want to adopt? Without a doubt, the direction of our inner world has an impact on the outside world. Energies attract. Reflections become visible. If I choose fear as the ruler of my being, I keep on living in a society of terror. If I identify with deficit, I can never realize wealth. But... If I achieve inner freedom, the freedom will also demonstrate itself on the outside. If you love yourself, you will also be able to love others. If there are only satisfied and peaceful people, it will automatically lead us to a world of peace. But how do we achieve this worldwide? The greatest power we have is the freewill. The freewill enables us to make choices. This power may move into the consciousness of all people. If we collectively adopt an attitude of peace, we will soon live in a world of peace. We are courageous when we shake off the regime of dark elements such as manipulation, dependency, bondage, war dogmas, lack and hatred and turn us – with concentrated power – to the light: „On the sunny side, on the sunny side there is the light. On the sunny side, on the sunny side there is no fight – on the sunny side!“

Christoph CALiM calls his songs a „Heartwarming Music“. Calim is a “Guardian of the Earth”, a singing poet, a builder of bridges between different cultures, languages, times, worlds and spirits. Through the power of music & words he opens hearts, arms and gates into a new era of peace & freedom on earth and in our society. As an open minded and worldwide acting artist he writes his songs in different languages and different music styles. The Singer/Songwriter combines a variety of music genres such as Pop, Folk, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Latin, Blues, Rap or World Music. Christoph Calim is an artist with open eyes and arms, with content on the pulse of the time and always sings for the audience with heart and brain at the same time and in full intensity. Singing, (song-)writing and playing guitar is his way to activate feelings, to provoke thoughts and to spread hope & love. „I’m a man of the earth, not a man of a state. I live to love, I don’t live to hate!“, underlines Calim.


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    The Sunny Side (Christoph CALiM)