Ballads and Lullabies

Artist Christian Larese
Title Ballads and Lullabies
Release Date Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Genre Classical > Instrumental
Composer Christian Larese
Songwriter Instrumental
Copyright © bigballsrecords

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Personal and intimate piano music

The music of the "Ballads and Lullabies" album was written by Christian Larese from October 2022 to March 2023, inspired by a very special person. Each of the piano pieces on this album were written as a scetch in a writing session night and left without further elaboration and composition. When recording in May 2023, only small changes were made in the process of improvisation. To keep the album's personal touch, the music was recorded on Christian Larese's upright piano at home. The lack of bass volume and challenges with typical upright piano tuning inaccuracies were acceptable to deliver this personal music on a personal instrument. All piano pieces have a soothing, calming and peaceful mood, a musical experience to sit back and dream.
The painting on the album cover is a piece of art by the wonderful French paintress Lau Blou. https://www.laublou.com/ Definitely worth checking out her paintings!

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