Artist ChrisdeBug
Title Spompanadln
Release Date Monday, June 19, 2023
Genre Electronic > House > Electronica

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"Spompanadln" Circumstances or behaviors that cause (unnecessary) delays

The word Spompanadln is Austrian slang and refers to "circumstances or behaviors that cause (unnecessary) delays." In six tracks, ChrisdeBug weaves both electronic elements and live instruments like flute into melodies and beats that take you away to unexpected sonic experiences.

Besides four solo songs, there are also two collaborations to discover. The first collaboration, "Strolling" with modular_HALL (also known from Coolnick & HALL) shows the encounter of old and new. Electronic instruments/sound generators like modularset meet the omnichord, invented in the 80s and almost forgotten in the meantime.

In the second collaboration, "RoundTrip", the mastermind of the beat (modular_HALL) is joined by a master on the keys, Aronizer (known from the formation theEkindeR & Glowing Eyes), weaves another layer into the ChrisdeBug world with his epic piano and organ sounds.

ChrisdeBug is a live electronic artist and multi-instrumentalist from Vienna who is passionate about combining different genres into a harmonious and unexpected sonic experience. With a multi-faceted approach to music, community radio production (@untertageradio) and a passion for AI art and video editing, ChrisdeBug's creative projects cross conventional boundaries and explore new ways to combine image and sound. Her innovative approach to music brings vibrant electro-live music that falls between genres such as organic house, alternative electronic and downtempo, not really doing justice to any pigeonhole. Having already released with the world music orchestra Oficina Art Vienna led by Alegre Corrêa and the electro-live trio theKindeR, ChrisdeBug now opens a new chapter in her artistic journey and invites you to travel along.


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