Manege Frei!

Artist ChrisdeBug & her humanoid Companions
Title Manege Frei!
Release Date Wednesday, March 13, 2024
Genre Electronic > House > Electronica

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Chrisdebug & her humanoid Companions

Vienna-based live electronic artist ChrisdeBug is back with her second EP "Manege frei!". This release marks the beginning of her new series "Chrisdebug & her humanoid Companions", in which she collaborates with artists from different genres and backrounds.
Chrisdebug's new EP "Manege frei!" offers with five track a broad spectrum of musical genres that defies easy categorization by embracing influences of electronic music, goa, house, pop, jazz, downtempo, hip-hop, Latin and other genres. Known for her innovative approach to music, ChrisdeBug combines electronic elements with live instruments to create an unexpected sonic journey.
Three of the five tracks of the new EP "Manege frei" are the result of collaborations with artists from different genres, adding not only an extra layer to the musical tapestry but also diverse instruments to the listining experience.
Manege frei! - ChrisdeBug & her humanoid Companions
RD: 13.03.24 / Untertage Records
1. Holding on (ChrisdeBug feat. Markus Pagitsch)
2. Manege frei! (ChrisdeBug)
3. Money Fame (ChrisdeBug feat. modular_HALL)
4. Some other Day (ChrisdeBug feat. Boerni)
5. Some other Day (Radio Edit) (ChrisdeBug feat. Boerni)
6. What_Verquere Sache (ChrisdeBug)
The first title "Holding on" features a colloberation with the Austrian producer, saxophone player and composer Markus Pagitsch, shows a dancy 80is-feel song dealing with the sometimes simple but never easy ways of desires.
The track "Manege frei!" sets the tone to a sound that remindes some of a stressed out circus clown at a GOA performance, creating a playful but surrealistic atmosphere.
Then "Money Fame," featuring modular_HALL is intended to show the inner conflict between partly externally imposed cravings and the often numbing opportunities of true reality which is served with influences of bass house and hip hop.
"Some other Day" introduces Boerni, a Vienna-based female singer, performer and zither player and reinvents a song written by ChrisdeBug.
The last title on the EP "What? - Verquere Sache" plays with the possibilities of the old and new fashion of sound and features the classic Casio SK1 sound.
The forthcoming EP is a testament to Chrisdebug's versatility and willingness to explore uncharted musical territories, delivering a collection that is both innovative and captivating. Stay tuned for a sonic journey that transcends conventional genre boundaries.


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