Drat that Fratle Rat!

Artist Chris Barber
Title Drat that Fratle Rat!
Release Date Monday, March 22, 2021
Genre Jazz > Jazz Rock
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Chris Barber here no Dixie/Trad but a Jazz-Prog-Rock album feat. Rory Gallagher

Chris Barber drops all his usual Dixieland and Trad inclinations and records this crazy Jazz Rock album with Prog leanings in 1972. Long drawn out jams joined together with mad fusion parts played and recorded in a gritty style. Like nothing else he has done before or since and essential if you like good Jazz Rock or Prog but there are plenty of youtube clips to help you decide. Tracks "Drat that Fratle Rat" and "Sleepy Louie" feature Rory Gallagher on guitar; track "Falling Song" features Ashton, Gardner & Dyke.