Looking Back

Artist Chico Mario
Title Looking Back
Release Date Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Genre Pop > Instrumental
Copyright © Chico Mario

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Chico Mario - Looking Back

LOOKING BACK is a successful mix of smooth, lounge, jazzy and soul elements. ... and because the whole production knowingly shakes, and rattles the world of fans that are inspired by instrumental music you will definately enjoy these tracks. And secretly found in the titlellist a Vocal-Bonus-Track ,,A Little Love" in the Original Version sang by the American Singer Warren C.


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    1000 Miles On A Road To Eternity (Chico Mario)
    A Little Love (feat. Warren C.) (Chico Mario)
    Deep Inside Of Me (Chico Mario)
    Diving For A Secret Chest (Chico Mario)
    Far Behind This World (Chico Mario)
    Looking Back (Chico Mario)
    Okinawa (Chico Mario)
    Running Time (Chico Mario)
    Smooth Chico (Chico Mario)
    The Story Of My Life (Chico Mario)