Artist Cherub Catkin
Title Etcetera
Release Date Sunday, June 7, 2009
Genre Electronic > House > Electro House
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Electro Punk Project written, arranged and produced by Cherub Catkin. These tracks are products from 2006 to 2008. You will hear a variety of atmospheres going from rock to electro broken beat. CC stands for Cherub Catkin aka Gregory Delabelle, born in Ostend (Belgium) on 30 August 1974. Son of a Belgian DJ, Jean-Pierre Delabelle who owns the Juke Box Shop in Brussels and influenced him from day one. After been learning from people like Danny Collart, Tony Varone, Alain Raes at the age of 18 he composed a dozen EP's containing experimental tracks, techno tracks and trance tracks. He gained himself his own label called X files. These were avant-garde tracks with limited release. Musical HQ is in Herzele (East-Flanders, Belgium) but CC travels between GHENT and BRUSSELS. This gives a mixture with avant-gardish ideas from Ghent with Daredevilism from Brussels. In 2009 CC focuses on electro project, punk-electro and vocals with VLTG, more info on www.mangoest.be/records. Info & Bookings: cc@vltg.be // +32 485 985644 /// www.myspace.com/cherubcatkin Thanks go to: My beloved Miss M, family and kids, my best friends in Ostend, Brugge (remember SONAR) and Ghent, Oleysa, Tibor, Danny Mommens, Eric Van Biesen, and all those whom I forgot.


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17.06.2010 SONAR 2010 - Live set up

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Radio Karussell (AUSTRIA) http://www.radio-karussell.com/
    Betty Page (Cherub Catkin)
    Danger (Cherub Catkin)
    Eye Contact (Cherub Catkin)
    Find the Rainbow (Cherub Catkin)
    Just another Life (Cherub Catkin)
    Liquid Tears (Cherub Catkin)
    Localoco (Cherub Catkin)
    Oh Babylon! (Cherub Catkin)
    Pride Second Attempt (Cherub Catkin)