Piano For People

Artist Cheap Booze
Title Piano For People
Release Date Friday, January 26, 2024
Genre Electronic > House > Tech House
Copyright © Cheap Booze

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Cheap Booze

Cheap Booze are an explosive mix of two high-energy DJs who are conquering the music scene with their unique sound and vibrant stage presence. Their shows aren’t just concerts; They are epic experiences where the boundaries between artists and audience are blurred. With their innovative fusion of different musical styles, their irresistible energy and their charisma, they conquer the hearts of their fans and make every stage tremble. Anyone who has experienced Cheap Booze live will be rewarded with an unforgettable adventure that resonates for a long time.

Cheap Booze began their journey as individual artists whose passion for music brought them together. Each of them had a unique story, but when the two friends started making music together, a new era was born: Future Bass.

Their first performances were like a musical uprising that turned the scene on its head. Their shows became must-see events, drawing crowds and uniting people from all corners. With their powerful mix of electronic beats, hypnotic melodies and pulsating rhythms, they brought a new wave of enthusiasm to the music world.


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