Artist Charles Boulevard
Title Rendez-Vous!
Release Date Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Genre Rock > Rock > Classic Rock
Copyright © Charles Boulevard

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Charles Boulevard's promised masterpiece album RENDEZ-VOUS!

Three Musicians - One Vision!
Charles Boulevard are three musicians from Prague, Czech Republic and Dublin, Ireland.
After a lifelong of collaboration in different musical projects they are joining forces to make some music from the heart! They are putting their passion, creativity, inspiration, and experience into a new album and documenting the whole process on their YouTube Channel for all to see.
Charles Boulevard introduced their project on May 1st, 2020 on their YouTube Channel. Ever since they have been documenting the production of an album they call their masterpiece. Songwriting, recording, mixing, they even explained why they used pertacular instruments and what kind of sound they wanted to achieve. Here it is now! The album is finished and recieved a symbolic name RENDEZ-VOUS! Let's meet the music, connect the people!


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