Infamous Last Words

Artist Charles Boulevard
Title Infamous Last Words
Release Date Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Genre Rock > Rock > Pop / Rock
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Charles Boulevard remember The Beatles in their new song

The new song of Charles Boulevard is inspired by the split of the famous band, The Beatles.

Dermot explains "I remember Pavel coming to me with a with the title "Infamous Last Words" and a chorus.
The demo had that heavy repetitive guitar riff which I really liked. It was ominous suggesting the end of something. The end of a relationship perhaps. I sat down to write some verses with that idea in mind. By coincidence a friend had just given me an article about The Beatles after they had finished recording what was to be their last album Abbey Road in 1969."

This article contained details about how The Beatles were actually planning to record a new album later that year. However a disagreement about the appointment of a new manager led to a rift between McCartney and the other three. Paul McCartney described it as "the crack in the liberty bell".

Dermot adds "The lyrical idea started to develop based on the contents of this article by Richard Willams.
Funnily Pavel's guitar riff reminded me of the opening track of Abbey Road "Come Together" but the theme of this song would be more like "coming apart". I wanted to write the lyrics from Paul's perspective as he found himself at odds with the others on the issue. One could only feel a degree of sympathy for him as his reservations about the choice of new manager would turn out to be well founded."

The chorus imagines the four Beatles going for a car ride for the very last time. Probably no one at the time could have realised how definitive the split would be. Symbolically it brought the curtain down on the 1960's. In hindsight, what would they have said to each other by way of goodbye? We can only speculate what those last words would have been...


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