Artist Charles Boulevard
Title DoAsTheRomans
Release Date Wednesday, October 11, 2023
Genre Rock > Rock > Classic Rock
Copyright © Charles Boulevard

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Charles Boulevard release another song as a preview from their new album

Charles Boulevard is still waiting with the release of their new album. Meanwhile they release another song that should be there. This time it is a rocker Do As The Romans. You can name a lot of influences of the yesteryears, with many genres mixed up. Still it is an exciting journey of sound, rhythm and lyrics that can represent a statement of life very easily. There is also a lot of humour in both, music and the lyrics. All and all this song sounds fresh anytime!


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11.10.2023 Video released on YouTube
09.10.2023 First notice on social media (Twitter, Instagram and TikTok)
11.10.2023 Instagram, TikTok and Twitter campaign starts