Malambo percu-piano

Artist Cecilia Pillado
Title Malambo percu-piano
Release Date Thursday, November 9, 2023
Genre Classical > Dances
Composer Cecilia Pillado
Songwriter Instrumental
Copyright © Tango Malambo Music

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C. Pillado’s high-toned and virtuosic own composition with the special beginning

....Cecilia Pillado is certainly a lot more that what is known as the fashionable “Crossover”.… (Der Tagespiegel, Berlin).
Malambo is a Gaucho dance which is accompanied by a "bombo" (a kind of Argentinian bass drum) and a guitar that continuously repeats the same cadence. Cecilia Pillado knows very well how to explore the possibilities of the piano to their limit. The Malambo being mainly a rhythmic dance, she isolates this element and begins by using the piano as a percussion instrument, tapping the rhythmic pattern with her knuckles on the piano lid.
The three notes which constitute the guitar cadence become then the starting point for improvisations with constant rhythmic elements and virtuoso passages.
In giving shape to her composition Cecilia Pillado has let her “fantasy run away beyond any constructions of form and tonality”.


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