Kissing in the hallways

Artist Cameron Jai
Title Kissing in the hallways
Release Date Sunday, May 14, 2017
Genre R&B / Soul > Motown
Copyright © Emmy Music
Country SWEDEN

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Cameron Jai-Kissing in the hallways

Cameron was born in Lanzarote / Spain d July 20, 2000, He has sung since he started talking. When Cameron was 13 years old, he began to participate in various talent contests despite his big stage horror and at the same time he began to write his own songs. He has been played on a lot of internet radio stations.2014 He won "Beat 100 charts" With the best cover song Fix You .2015 He wrote Örebros Official Pride song "Say What You Want" Cameron began playing the guitar when he was about 13 Years and then he also began to record his songs in his little home studio. The big turn for Cameron came in 2016 when he applied for the Swedish Idol and he went all the way to the top 11. During his involvement in Idol, Cameron also tells that he is Transsexual, He is the first open trans person that has participated in Idol. Cameron he wants to be a role model for other young and older who are in the same position as him and show that it's ok to be who yo are. In February 2017, Cameron won the the price "Trans of the year" at the prestigious QX Galan in Stockholm and it was big. He has also participated in Aftonbladet's mini TV series MiTT ID. In summer 2017, Cameron goes on a Summer Mini Tour in Sweden where he will perform at various pride festivals.Cameron is currently about to realease his new single where he has collaborated with Producer Jörgen Andersson at Emmy Music.


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