Flirtzaubertricks Original Soundtrack

Artist Calvin Mitchelli
Title Flirtzaubertricks Original Soundtrack
Release Date Saturday, March 20, 2010
Genre Soundtracks > Soundtrack
Copyright © Osutoria Holding GmbH

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Gregor Ulrich's Flirtzaubertricks

Pro-Magician Gregor Ulrich explains how to make advances on beautiful women, using practical examples from his various live recordings demonstrating amazing conjuring tricks and funny riddles, which are appropriate at anytime and do not require any preparation. No complex resources are necessary, rather simple everyday objects (like rubber bands, matches or cigarettes) are put to the test! Supported by modern recording techniques, even amateurs can quickly learn these fascinating tricks and impress other people!


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    Spoon Bending & Mental Tricks - Trailer (Claus Benischke)
    Summertime (Missterious)