Entertainment live

Artist Blechhaufn
Title Entertainment live
Release Date Friday, February 2, 2007
Genre Jazz > Instrumental
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Blechhaufn live in action!!!

for english please scroll down Menschen besuchenunsere Konzerte, nun besuchen wir sie! Hören - Sehen, Lachen - Weinen, Fühlen und Mitleben. Für Aug und Ohr, Herz und Seele, Geist und Gemüt! Erleben sie Konzertatmosphäre pur, so oft und so lang sie wollen; immer und immer und immer.... .....immer wieder a Blechhauf‘n is a group of seven guys, who got together to predominantly play traditional Austrian but also progressive music to entertain their listeners. Generally, it's all about brass, however trying out numerous other genres manifests itself as a new musical tradition in brass performance, making the unforeseeable foreseeable. 
When listening to us, we encourage you to allow yourself to enter into the variety and diversity of sound, word, dance and comedy, and to experience 
the charm of modern tradition!


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