Saharaouis Faith Maxi Single

Artist Barraka Transfer
Title Saharaouis Faith Maxi Single
Release Date Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Genre New Age > Ethnic Fusion
Copyright © Bonie&Clyde

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Barraka Transfer feat. Aziz Rayman!

Barraka Transfer is a project by Heinke Aussenegg and Wolfgang Funk based in Salzburg and Marrakech and means: the transfer of fortune and good spirit. Aziz Rayman, a well known singer from morocco, joined in with the first takes and is the soul of songs like "saharaouis faith" and " Mazel". Other Artists like Lopa Kothari or Jalal El Alloul have brought their talents to this music to make it a wonderfull journey through the sound and spirit of "Barraka Transfer".

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