Artist Barangatang
Title Colors
Release Date Friday, August 23, 2013
Genre Electronic > House > Electronica

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Barangatang - COLORS EP

BIOGRAPHY (Bass, Glitch, House, Electronic) SHORT BARANGATANG (Alexander Barang) is a 23 year old electronic music producer from Los Angeles, California and is currently living in Vienna, Austria. He started making beats in his spare time with his Akai MPC2000xl at age 17, then moved on to Ableton a few years later. His music ranges from House, to Glitch, Dubstep, Electronica, and would generally classify his tunes as “Bass Music.” LONG BARANGATANG´s (Alexander Barang’s) interest in music production was sparked through a friend’s yellow Kaossilator; a touchscreen beat-maker. In his hometown of Los Angeles, he became fascinated by the simplicity of making music on this machine. Soon after, he started sampling on an Akai MPC 2000XL in his spare time and became more acquainted with the structure of electronic music. Realizing that his sampler actually limited the possibilities and ideas he had in mind, he moved on to making music on the computer. Up until 2012 making music was just a hobby for Alex, but since then he has realized that his music is ready to reach every pair of ears that want to listen. Now with the goal of turning his hobby into a profession, Barangatang creates each track with an individual story and feeling. He does not like to stick to one particular genre or style–they limit his creative scope for music–instead, he switches frequently between House, Dubstep, Ambient, and more. Currently living in Vienna, his first official EP, “COLORS” is released through SM:ARTGUNS MUSIC and is an attempt to stick to at least one tempo of electronic music. Even still, “Colors” contains a variety of tracks with different sounds and feelings that everyone can relate to at some level. COLORS EP Barangatang: “The tracks on the new “Colors” EP were all created with one thought in mind: spontaneity. Each track started with a blank page, a tempo, and library of synths and samples to choose from. The end result is a variety of styles (or colors) that only have heavy, pumping bass in common. Delectable relies on a prominent, backwards sounding synth as the main melody and accompanying piano harmonies to emphasize the mood. The main sounds from Phase 2 (other than the synth line) were actually created with just one original sample that I twisted and melded into what it sounds like now. Feelin’ Good was created in the same way with one trumpet chord sample I found hidden away in my library. When I find a sample I like, I get very attached to it. Sleazy was created with the image of a disheveled looking man with a big ego walking into a party, unaware of his looks and “sleazy” behavior. He tries his luck with the girls and is unfazed by his failures. That story can be heard in the melody and harmonies in combination with the vocals. Primal Snazz was created with a fat retro synth bass and a flute sample I thought was just too “snazzy” not to use. I feel that this track contains both a smooth sensation through the flute and guitar, and a primal urge to move to the bass. Hence the name, Primal Snazz.” BARANGATANG SOCIAL FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Barangatang SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/thebarang/


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23.08.2013 Official Release Party @ Roxy Club Vienna
23.08.2013 Official Release