Beatmaker Tracks Season #1

Artist Barangatang / Deef / Eoae
Title Beatmaker Tracks Season #1
Release Date Sunday, June 16, 2013
Genre Electronic > House > Electronica

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Beatmaker Tracks of the Season #1 (Competiton)

These are the best 3 Tracks being released after the "Beatmaker Tracks of the Season #1" Competition. The competiton has been organised for the Beatmaker "The Future of Music" Sessions. BEATMAKER „The Future of Music“ SESSIONS is an experimental multi genre night. The aim is to support the Austrian music community with all its players. Especially, music producers who want to get their music out and pump their beats/tracks over a proper sound-system for a live crowd. Producers get the chance to submit a beat previous to any session to be included in the BEATMAKER DJ-Set. Additionally, producer can apply for a 30 minute L!VE Slot. Please send short biography, technical rider and links to live recs. and artist page(s) to beatmaker@smartguns.eu. And as a special treat a SPECIAL L!VE GUEST is invited for each Beatmaker Session. Events are being held on a monthly basis. more info here: www.beatmakersessions.eu


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