Vernissage EP

Artist Bait And Switch
Title Vernissage EP
Release Date Saturday, April 25, 2009
Genre Electronic > Techno > Detroit Techno
Copyright © Sophisticated Retreats

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SOP02 - Bait and Switch – Vernissage EP

"Vernissage EP" - The smashing follow up to the superb debut "The World-EP" is the next floor filling tune by Bait And Switch. Four energized and pumpin techno tracks, made for the primetime of every dj set. Accessory to "Genetic Code" and "Vernissage" from the vinyl release are with "Never Know and "Spintronic" two really burning bonus tracks on the digital release. Let yourself be taken on a vernissage of Bait And Switch's beautiful painted sounds. Already by Popof, Oxia, Ron Flatter, Oscar, Tomcraft, Kiko Martinez, Animaltek, Sweet n Candy, Max Cooper, Microtrauma, James Zabiela, Blood and Tears, Microdizko, Lars Sommerfeld, Howard and Stereo, Dave Ellesmere!!!


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    Genetic Code (Bait And Switch)
    Never Know (Bait And Switch)
    Spintronic (Bait And Switch)
    Vernissage (Bait And Switch)