The Musical Mystery Box

Artist Azul y Negro
Title The Musical Mystery Box
Release Date Sunday, April 15, 2001
Genre Electronic > Dance > Eurodance
Copyright © Vaso Music
Country SPAIN

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Only selected ears!

Two years of frenzied musical activity has been the time invested Carlos Vaso before invite you to browse inside the box its ground breaking sound sensations. The MusicalMystery Box is the continent that offers room for a myriad of mysteries and surprises, scanner valuable content waiting to be discovered and explored in all its fullnessthrough the energy digital music production that exhibit electronic works of Azul y Negro aka Carlos Vaso. From Technovision - its advanced emissions laboratory staff - and in front of his own label, Carlos Vaso solo collection expands with a more electronic, danceable album than the previous two, Innovate (1998) and Symbiosis (1999). In this case, sequences, sounds and databases looking The Musical Mystery Box boldly into the new millennium, but never overshadow those planes melodic successfully delivered the Azul y Negro components the legendary 80's who led Carlos himself, and since then, models the pulse characteristic of his music. The discovery of the puzzles sound careful that houses The Musical Mystery Box virtual spaces will lead to more than witty and improbable. Your remote control will make the jump from the beaches of Copacabana to the swamps of New Orleans, from subway tunnels to the dreams of a butterfly induced by a Japanese man who pretends to be Icarus while marveling at the brightness of Orion. .. 15 tracks are erected on the pace of technology, fusion instrumental, expressive deep bass and synthesizers, programmed and controlled from the safety masterfully gives Carlos Vaso their experience in creating advanced music. Opens as soon as this mysterious music box with the sole purpose of snooping, and only discover genuine feelings electronic ...


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