Artist Azul y Negro
Title MARE NOSTRUM album
Release Date Tuesday, November 5, 2002
Genre Pop > Dance-Pop
Copyright © VASO MUSIC
Country SPAIN

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Returns to the scene with a new album that includes 14 songs of new creation

The Azul Y Negro musical return it could not be more sounding. After a year inverted in an intense work of experimentation with their sound, Carlos Vaso and Jose Antonio Alvarez they inaugurate a new time for their popular musical project. And they have done it extending their creative borders with an electronic work that overflows with ideas and convincing arguments. Mare Nostrum offers 14 musical subjects of new creation, constructed around the genuine spirit tecnopop that Azul Y Negro demonstrated already during the distant decade of the 80. They are 14 deliveries of personal synths, ultraprocessed voices, motivated guitars, unusual sounds and original maneuvers on the audio. They are 14 good reasons to give form to a fine CD that proclaims a tribute to the Mediterranean Sea, to its waters of life and to the reassuring influence that it instills in its people. It has all the elements necessary to find a safe way towards the ears of the most ambitious listener. Like a snail remembers with its sound that sea that a day was its home, the Azul Y Negro most recent work has already been recalling many of the elements of that innovating concept that managed to open, for 20 years ago, new routes for national music. Mare Nostrum is a majestic tribute to so long way, but in addition it becomes a wonderful package to be touched and to feel resulting chemistry to mix the musical art, melodys and the harmony with the last technology available to the service of the sound. Carlos Vaso and Jose Antonio Alvarez have extracted best of their exclusive collection of musical machinery and all resources of their Technovision study to make reality a premeditaded purpose 100%: to create a huge album that still more places far the vanguard horizon that always has characterized to the productions of Azul Y Negro. All this and much more only can be in Mare Nostrum. Now it is the moment for approaching the ear to discover it and, of course, to enjoy it as it is deserved...


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