Artist Axel von Malmborg
Release Date Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Genre New Age > Ethnic Fusion
Copyright © Lovescape Music
Country SWEDEN

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WEB OF LOVE - beautiful song by Axel von Malmborg and guest star Nneka Gift Uboh

Axel von Malmborg, musician, poet and composer made it again! WEB OF LOVE is a beautiful amazing song with an ethnic blend spreading joy in all directions.... music with a groove you want to move and dance to. This time he followed his vision and guidance to have an African singer involved. Nneka Gift Uboh give a wonderful touch with her beautiful voice and inner feeling. The choir chanting The Indian mantra Om Nama Shivaya gives to song an even wider dimension. The message is clear: "In The Web of Love we are caught and we are free, In The Web of Love we're connected you and me". Listen and enjoy. "Web of Love" has already become a hit!!!


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    WEB OF LOVE (Axel von Malmborg)