Aurora North - Guided Meditation and Yoga Timers Selection

Artist Aurora North
Title Aurora North - Guided Meditation and Yoga Timers Selection
Release Date Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Genre Devotional & Spiritual > Meditation & Relaxation
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Aurora North Yoga and Meditation Timers

RELAXATION:The Aurora North Relaxation and Anti-Anxiety Guided Meditation takes you through a 10 min relaxation process. Gently relax and unwind your body, allowing your mind to float above the noise and chaos of every day life. Feel stress and tension slowly melt away. MEDITATION AND YOGAChallenge your body and build strength evenly during your practice. Simply hold your pose until the chime and then transition to your next pose. Aurora North Yoga and Meditation timer can also be used for meditation practice, the chime gently reminding us to focus our breathing and bring our minds back to center. Also suitable for HIIT and learning to run.TWENTY MINUTE MEDITATION The Aurora North Twenty Minute Meditation Timer is one soft gong to begin your meditation practice, twenty minutes of silence and another soft gong to signal the end of your meditation. Ideal for those learning to meditate and for practitioners who wish to practice without looking at a clock.


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