Artist Atlantis
Title Atlantis
Release Date Thursday, September 29, 2016
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One of Germany's best rock bands of early 70s

ATLANTIS were founded in 1972 by Inga Rumpf (vocals), Jean-Jacques Kravetz (keyboards) and Karl-Heinz Schrott (bass). They all came from their former band “Frumpy”. The original line-up had also Frank Diez on guitars and Curt Cress on drums.
Following a few live shows tha band recorded their first album at Island Records’ studios in London. The album found much acclaim especially in the USA, where Inga Rumpf’s blues drenched voice was well appreciated. Diez and Cress left after the recordings.
As there was a four week tour with “Procol Harum” and “Traffic” lined up, the band hired Georg Meier for guitars and Udo Lindenberg on drums, who were to be replaced after the tour by Dieter Boernschlegel (guitars) and Ringo Funk (drums). In this line-up they redorded the second album “It’s Getting Better” in 1973.
After yet another four week tour of the UK Kravetz called it quits to join new formed Soul Rock Band “Randy Pie”. He was replaced by Rainer Schelle.
At this time in late 1973 “Atlantis” ranked amongst the three most popular German Rock bands.
New line-up changes took palce in 1974. Schelle was replaced by British keyboarder Adrian Askew; Bornschlegel was replaced by Alex Conti. They recorded their third album “Ooh Baby” in 1974.1975 saw them touring the USA mainly opening for “Lynyrd Skynyrd” and Frank Diez, original guitarist took Conti’s place, as well as, for the first time, a second guitarist, Rainer März. As a result to the successful US tour and inspired by “Lynyrd Skynyrd” they recorded a much heavier fourth album “Get on Board” in 1975.

By 1976 the artistic differences made an end to this formidable band. Rumpf and Schott declared the split.

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