Artist Anoo
Title Sinipiika
Release Date Sunday, August 28, 2011
Genre Jazz > Jazz Pop
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The second album of the young Finnish singer Anu Junnonen carries the name of a Finnish forest fairy Sinipiika. She fearlessly combines her finnish tradition to electronic pop-jazz songs. An original instrumentation including accordion and trombone, together with electronic sounds, blends into adventurous songs about harbors and train stations, cups and kettles, love and longing, greedy old ladies and forest fairies. For this album she worked with a top class producer, Werner Pensaert. Electronical sounds were created by Zorko Opacic. Anu becomes aNoo with the help of these creative minds: Tuur Florizoone (Tricycle, soundtrack "Aanrijding in Moscou") on accordion, Dree Peremans (Chris Mentens, Junctions) on trombone, Yannick Peeters (Het Zesde Metaal) on double bass and Yves Peeters (Yves Peeters Group, Peer Baierlein Quartet) on drums.


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28.08.2011 Gent Jazz in 't Park
28.08.2011 gent Jazz in 't Park - Gent (B)
08.09.2011 Theatre Mercelis - Brussels (B)
10.09.2011 Salle Jeanne - Antwerpen (B)
30.01.2012 De Halle - GEEL (B)
01.02.2012 Vooruit - Gent (B)
05.02.2012 Vrijstraat O - Oostende (B)
09.02.2012 Liers Cultureelcentrum - Lier (B)
10.02.2012 CC Reynaert - Vosselaar (B)
15.02.2012 Beursschouwburg - Brussels (B)
17.02.2012 KC. Nona - Mechelen (B)
23.02.2012 C-Mine - Genk (B)
24.02.2012 De Werf - Brugge (B)
01.03.2012 Rataplan - Borgerhout (B)
02.03.2012 CC Casino - Koksijde (B)
21.03.2012 Concertstudio - Kortrijk (B)