Then and Now

Artist Anno Domini
Title Then and Now
Release Date Tuesday, December 12, 2023
Genre Electronic > Techno > Progressive Trance
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Unveiling the Future of Synth: Anno Domini's "Then and Now" EP

In the pulsating heart of the electronic music scene, Anno Domini emerges with their latest sonic masterpiece, "Then and Now." This EP is not just an auditory journey; it's a celebration of the evolution of sound, a testament to the band's journey through time, seamlessly blending nostalgia with cutting-edge beats.

A Sonic Odyssey

"Then and Now" invites listeners on a hypnotic voyage through the realms of dance and trance. With each track, Anno Domini crafts an ethereal narrative, weaving together the past and present of electronic music. The EP acts as a bridge, connecting the retro vibes of classic synth with the futuristic sounds that define the genre today.

Elevating the Dancefloor Experience

At its core, "Then and Now" is a celebration of movement. The EP is a rhythmic odyssey designed to make bodies sway and feet move. Whether you're a seasoned dance aficionado or a newcomer to the trance scene, Anno Doimini guarantees an immersive experience that transcends boundaries.

Track by Track: Unveiling the Melodic Chapters

1. Synth Drive - 2023 Mix (stars collide)
2. Synth Drive - 1989 original mix
3. Integration - 2006 Mix
4. Integration - 1991 original mix

Collaborative Brilliance

"Then and Now" showcases not only the individual prowess of Anno Domini, but also their collaborative brilliance of the two band members, Richard Massara and Andy Dundas. The synergy between them is palpable in every beat, creating a seamless fusion of talents that propels the EP to new heights.

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