Dhundli Si Yaadein

Artist Annada Prasanna Pattanaik
Title Dhundli Si Yaadein
Release Date Saturday, May 14, 2016
Genre Soundtracks > Original Score
Copyright © Dhundli Si Yaadein
Country INDIA

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Melodies and Nostalgic Hindi Love/Sentimental Songs

This album brings a collection of some of the best romantic compositions, which were never meant to be compiled in the form of an album. The tunes were composed over a period of almost 25 years reflecting various phases of my life like traveling in a Mumbai local train, while watching a moon rise on Pondicerry Beach etc. However, the idea of bringing these tunes in the form an album materlized rcently when I met my new neighbour, a scientist Dr Rajiv Tyagi, Who started putting words to my tunes which eventually inspired me to bring out of my passion for singing which was dormant and was hardly utilized due to my professional career as a flute artist and a composer. This is one album where I have played many roles like of a producer, composer, singer, flute artist and guitarist. I can assure all the pasoinate music lovers who have been waiting for orginal creative and soulful compositions this is it..... I am sure everyone would be able to relate to romantic phase of their life. Enjoy and immerse yourself in the world of your creative music....

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