Get Rhythm

Artist Andy Lee Lang
Title Get Rhythm
Release Date Monday, February 10, 2020
Genre Country > Country-Pop
Copyright © Gabriel Music

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Andy Lee Lang - Get Rhythm

This album is a crossover album. You might say it is Country Music. You might say it is Rock’n Roll.
In fact it’s a little bit of everything. In my opinion, it is just real good music.
This is my 5th Country Music album and I am proud to work with the finest musicians in Austria.
It is my selection of songs of „The Rockin‘ Rollin‘ Side Of Country Music“.
So sit back, relax and enjoy or get up and dance to: Get Rhythm

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Dragonland-Radio (GERMANY)
    Get Rhythm (Andy Lee Lang)
    One More Last Chance (Andy Lee Lang)
Oldie Party Austria (AUSTRIA) http://www.salzkammergutradio.at
    I Like It, I Love It (Andy Lee Lang)
Radio Alpenstar (AUSTRIA) http://radio-alpenstar.at
    Alabam (Andy Lee Lang)
    Boot Scootin’ Boogie (Andy Lee Lang)
    Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy (Andy Lee Lang)
    Don’t Rock The Jukebox (Andy Lee Lang)
    Drag ’em Off The Interstate, Suck It To ’em J. P. Blues (Andy Lee Lang)
    Drivin’ My Life Away (Andy Lee Lang)
    East Bound And Down (Andy Lee Lang)
    Get Rhythm (Andy Lee Lang)
    Gonna Get A Life (Andy Lee Lang)
    Gotta Travel On (Andy Lee Lang)
    Hillbilly Rock (Andy Lee Lang)
    Honky Tonk Song (Andy Lee Lang)
    I Like It, I Love It (Andy Lee Lang)
    I’m From The Country (Andy Lee Lang)
    If Tomorrow Never Comes (Andy Lee Lang)
    One More Last Chance (Andy Lee Lang)
    Sam Hill (Andy Lee Lang)
    Send My Body (Andy Lee Lang)
    Sundown (Andy Lee Lang)
    White Lightning (Andy Lee Lang)
    Who Cares (Andy Lee Lang)