Positive Vibes

Artist Andrew Rizzi
Title Positive Vibes
Release Date Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Genre Electronic > House > Tech House
Copyright © OGOPOGO
Country ITALY

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Positive Vibes is the new EP of the Italian producer Andrea Rizzi, a promising Tech House production of two tracks recently published by the label Ogopogo Records.
The artists has produced the two tracks in a very particular moment of his life, reason why the entire EP is characterized by a deep duality: positivity and negativity coexist creating a big oxymoron.
Fast and happy groove, “Positive Vibes” is a track perfect for the dancefloor: the strong groove bass spreads freedom and lightness and the only thing the listener can do is stand up and move his body.
The track is an explicit reference to all the difficulties the artists has lived recently, which have taken him to reconsider his condition, changing his point of view and giving himself a challenge.
“Mind Release” is the second song of the EP, a track which can be considered the other side of the coin. Dark Synths and dogged groove describe a problematic and unsolvable situation: here the artist appeals to his passion for Techno music, expressing his anger by the use of dark and deep sounds, his trademark since a long time.

Andrea Rizzi, born in 1984, discovers his passion for Techno and Progressive music very soon, when his parents give him the first console. Since this moment Andy starts his career, training and improving his musical taste every day with motivation, passion and dedication.
His first Hardstyle release, “Hardstyle Train”, comes out in 2003, but soon the sound of the producer changes: in 2004 he chooses Techno, influenced by a lot of Italian and international djs like Ralf and Leo Mas, Sasha, John Digweed, Satoshi Tomiie.
Andy officially starts his music career as House Progressive producer in 2010, a lot of years after his first Hardstyle vinyl.
His first album is “The Dividing Line”, registers approval and support from a lot of artists, as well as his EP “Beyond Infinity”, published in 2011. After that Andy starts some collaboration with the labels Boroque Rec, Deepsession Rec and appear on Pure.fm as a guest with his dj sets.
“Positive Vibes” is the first track and the name of Andy’s new EP, the song is composed by vivace richness and a fast groove: it’s a call to the dancefloor.
The second track, “Mind Release” has a dogged groove and dark synths, here the dj sets his passion for Techno music free, highlighting his captivating artistic flair.
Stay tuned and follow this talented producer!!


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    Positve Vibes (Andrea Rizzi)
    Positve Vibes (Andrew Rizzi)