Artist Andreas Baaden
Title Polarlicht
Release Date Monday, April 30, 2018
Genre Electronic > Dance > Ambient
Copyright © Andreas Baaden

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Surprising electronic music: Polarlicht by Andreas Baaden

Andreas Baaden's fifth album “Polarlicht“ (Polar Light) contains tracks of very different styles of electronic music. “I just play the music I like to play and I am very spontaneous while composing it“, Andreas describes his musical approach. “I know - I don't fit into any category of EM - well, I make up my own: surprise EM. When I play my keyboards I often do not know what will come out next.“ “Polarlicht“, “Teravone“, “Stardust“ and “Sphere“ are classical EM-stuff while “Chronos“, “Gamma“ and “Gate 15“ are pieces of electronic progressive rock. “Antares“, “Ätherwellenritt“ and “Line 5“ are more of the chillout-kind and “Antastica“ is a dark and irritating EM-track. “Landscape“, “Nicht am Ende“ and “Copy and Paste“ even have a touch of electro-pop in it. This stylistic diversity may also result from the fact that Andreas is playing keyboards in the rock band Basement Two in Bonn. They perform some of his songs in other versions and with vocals. Most of the tracks have been developed in live improvisations in Andreas' Antares-Studio in Aegidienberg. They have been mastered by Andreas Ollhoff. Andreas' daughter Janina Baaden has designed the cover of “Polarlicht“. Andreas Baaden plays electronic music since the eighties. He is living together with his family in Aegidienberg near Bad Honnef near the river Rhine. His music is inspired by the beautiful landscape of the Siebengebirge. Fans of Tangerine Dream, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Michael Rother, Jean-Michel Jarre, Schiller or Coldplay surely will like “Polarlicht”.


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