DUX Obvious Video Game Soundtrack

Artist Andre Neumann
Title DUX Obvious Video Game Soundtrack
Release Date Friday, November 11, 2011
Genre Soundtracks > Game Music
Copyright © Andre Neumann (www.n-trax.de)

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DUX Obvious Video Game Soundtrack

To me it was important to get a soundtrack that sounds a bit like the 80`s/90`s shooters and combining that with some new electro/orchestra elements to fit the game fresh and atmospheric sytle. From a technical point of view, i used Fruity Loops 7 sequencer with some virtual instruments to make this happen. I addes some additional sound effects in some of the tunes to increase sound harmony. In stage 2 "A Cave Full of Water" you can hear some atmospheric water-bubble effects. On stage 5 "Radiax`s Den" the geiger counter adds to the atomically radiated atmosphere. Stage 4 has posed the most issues to me. I wanted it to possibly sounds like an epic space battle an that`s the reason i chose an orchestra style for this tune and i have to say, this was exactly the right idea. I also decided to give this tune something special to let it protrude from all other songs on this soundtrack Original 01 Title 02 Stage 1, Entrance to Trance 03 Stage 2, A Cave Full of Water 04 Stage 3, Material Mine 05 Stage 4, Purple Spaces 06 Stage 5, Radiax‘s Den 07 Stage 6, Obviously Obvious 08 Gameover 09 Boss Fight 10 Boss Win 11 Highscore 12 Credits Remix 13 Bloomin’ Cave – Zzr 14 Kickin’ Cave – Space One 15 Warrior Dance Mix – CZ-Tunes 16 Dynamite Disco Dux – CJoe 17 Score the Darkness – Awesome-A 18 Chillin’ Goose – Awesome-A 19 Sidastic! – Awesome-A 20 Ride the Mix – Nate/VST 21 You Just Don’t Understand – Nate/VST

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