Remember the old days?

Artist Andras Fixler
Title Remember the old days?
Release Date Monday, December 9, 2013
Genre Pop > Pop
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Remember the old days?

We have to keep the mirror-ball spinning and continue our journey back in time. The clubs were crowded; the tempo was upbeat and the energy… The energy was HIGH!The Hi-NRG disco fever is back again on Andras Fixler’s new EP, „Remember the old days?” Yesterday’s sound and feeling presented by an entertainer of today.“If I Have To Stand Alone,” the first song on the EP, was a „love at first sight” for Andras Fixler when he noticed it around a year ago. Written by Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman.“Just Wanna Spend Some Time With You” was meant to be recorded with Jason Donovan with the title "One Too Many Heartaches," which never happened. It was reworked with the "Just Wanna Spend Some Time With You" title for Sinitta, and now it's been reworked for Andras Fixler. Written by Pete Hammond.“You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You” is one of the greatest, most powerful hits of 1989. Andras Fixler heard it for the first time in a morning TV show when was a kid, staying with a family in London. It was performed by Sonia. Only many years later, back in London, Andras found a CD at Tower Records on Piccadilly Circus, called „The Hit Factory / Pete Waterman’s Greatest Hits” with You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You included. He had no other choice, but to include that song on the EP. Written by Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman."Just Don’t Have The Heart" is a hit with Hi-NRG sounding and structure, but more of „rock-n-roll” feeling, and the most probably reason is that the original artist is Sir Cliff Richard. Andras Fixler's team had a lot of fun recording the song and particularly the backing vocals, with even their sound engineer participating. Written by Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman."Step Back In Time (LIVE)" is a hit from Andras Fixler's first album „It’s Showtime!” that has been reflecting all his musical carrier. When this song was composed it was meant to be about the 1960-70’s, but now in 2013 it takes us back to the 1980-90’s. This hit has been an anthem for Andras for many years, and was in the intro section of his concerts to get the audience „step back in time”. Even the idea of the title of the EP comes from the bridge „remember the old days – remember the o jays.” This is a live version, recorded at an Andras Fixler show in 2012. Written by Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman.


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