It's Showtime!

Artist Andras Fixler
Title It's Showtime!
Release Date Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Genre Pop > Pop
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Andras Fixler: "It's Showtime" dance-pop (Hi-NRG) 'retro' album just released

The album “It’s Showtime!”:Listening to Andras Fixler’s “It’s Showtime!” CD will take you to the disco clubs of the ‘80s and ‘90s, bringing back some memories, providing a perfect ”retro” feeling. Regardless of age the music is there for you to party or just to listen and relax. The album includes a selection of UK / US pop hits for easy-listening or party dancing...Biography:Since his childhood Andras Fixler has always been attracted to performing arts, music and shows and has always been full of creativity, ideas and plans. Andras had been creating revue shows based on World-famous pop hits. He put his ideas into staging, including sets, costumes, lighting and worked together with music arrangers and choreographers. These shows were presented on various events, parties as well as countrywide tours.In most cases Andras was also on stage in these shows, performing as the main character: “The Showman”, singing and dancing throughout, backed up with the ensemble and actually hosting the events whenever it was required.After being on the road with the revue shows for a while it was time to move on. Andras was suggested to record the music they had been performing on stage.He decided to release an album – which was titled “It’s Showtime!” – still somehow connected to the past years, but this time without the ensemble, rather as a solo entertainer: Andras Fixler.Following “It’s Showtime!” Andras has been producing and releasing music in both physical and digital format and since pop music comes along with videos, he has also started making these with his creative team.The CD, EP and other music releases had to be presented live to the audience, so Andras has been back on stage (where –according to him- he belongs to the most) as a performing artist.“I enjoy working in all aspects of show-business. I love to perform and be surrounded by talented people. But most of all -on stage or backstage- I have been passionately fond of creating entertainment for the audience.” (Andras Fixler) His recently released album is also reflecting his usual light-style image, making us fly with the melodies of the hits of the 1980s and 1990s, or simply stand up and dance.


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