Liv.In Trouble

Artist And.I.Am
Title Liv.In Trouble
Release Date Monday, July 20, 2015
Genre Electronic > House > Electronica
Copyright © Scenemusic
Country ITALY

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SceneMusic Records presents: And.I.Am

And.I.Am is a musician ranging from old school techno, through trance, to the most experimental electronic.Born in Rome, he started playing electronic music in 1994, performing live with several projects in many clubs of the capital.His inspirations are really varied, starting from punk music and new wave, and then mixing with EBM and IDM, sounds shaping more and more his musical path.After some years he is now back with the new name And.I.Am and this first EP “Liv.In Trouble“ the first of a series in which we will appreciate an evolution through the music genres influencing and characterizing him.

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