Trompetenecho Dance

Artist Alex Orange
Title Trompetenecho Dance
Release Date Thursday, January 16, 2020
Genre Electronic > House > Electronica
Copyright © Alex Orange

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Trompetenecho, most played instrumental song in the world, in house version

Worldwide most popular Oberkreiner (Avsenik) song, first time in house version from Alex Orange.
Over six hundred arrangements and first house version of Trompetenecho Dance.
In winter 2017 the song was first time played at SA Promotion CD's in 1200 locations, especially in the ski resorts of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Also on 400 places at carnival in Cologne, worldwide (America, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Norway, Latvia) on internet radios (around 500), in Mallorca on 400 places and 2017 on Oktoberfest in Munich and later in Stuttgart.
On Radio Edelweiss Hitparade in Holland was on first place.
Also FIBA already played it on final games in Eurobasketball 2017 in Istanbul, when Slovenia team played, NBA also in Miami 2019, on game Miami Heat against Dallas Mavericks, where played Slovenian most popular basketplayers Luka Dončić and Goran Dragić.
CEV played in Ljubljana and Paris on Eurovolleyball 2019, when Slovenia team played.

Original Oberkreiner original version of Trompetenecho was born at night, among the rhythms of the knitting machine. Alex Orange’s arrangement was created at home music production. It adds some modern beats to an eternal charm. Let’s go to the mountains! Alex’s arrangement of Trompetenecho Dance refreshes more, than morning dew. You will be more jumpy, than daffodils in spring, when they bloom on that hill, the song was made about.


Alex Grošelj (Orange) was born in a family of musicians.
His grandfather was a violin player, along with his uncle, a jazz player, he participated to the Original Oberkreiner.
His uncle Andy Arnol is renowned worldwide, at home he played a saxophone in RTV Big Band, conducted by Jože Privšek. While studying at BerkleeCollege of Music in Boston USA, he was one of the few European musicians who played with Duke Ellington Orchestra.
Alex was born in Munich, grew up in Slovenia, where he finished music school for flute and piano.
He started playing the drums in Brass band in Lesce.
He played in a high school band Orion, they entertained at Grand hotels Toplice and Jelovica in Bled. Later he participated in many rock groups, such as Belladona, Filomena and also in his uncle's Andy Arnol Jazz Quartet.
At Die Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz in Graz, Austria, he was dedicated to jazz music.
His drumming skills were strengthened in Dominik Kozarič latest band, Dominik Davero Band.
As an arranger, he created covers from Deep Purple to Avseniki and rearranged them into house beats.
Most of all, he likes spending time at his home studio recording, arranging and producing different kinds of music, using electronic sounds to improve it.
He converted the original Oberkreiner worldwide hits Trompetenecho and Auf der Autobahn into original house adaptations for the first time ever.
Top music, professional musicians, author arrangement and a tempting video.
Everything is ready for great fun.


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    Trompetenecho Dance (Alex Orange)