Bad Blood

Artist Alen Brentini
Title Bad Blood
Release Date Thursday, May 7, 2020
Genre Rock > Metal > Alternative Metal
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Bad Blood

About the song:
The song "Bad Blood" is about those who are sitting on the high positions,
conducting with us small people, doing anything in their best interest and financial
reasons in order to have even more power in the world. Inspiration came during the
elections for the president in the country I live but it can be reflection to any place around the globe.
Behind the title "Bad Blood" is something negative, some poisonous vibes what they
are serving daily through the media to all of us, trying to hide malversations, corruption
and washing our brains with fake news and statistics.
With intention to present the equalalty of human breed I wrote the song to express my attitude
about this general problem of us, small people.

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