Artist Alec Decay
Title Deliverator
Release Date Friday, April 5, 2024
Genre Electronic > House > Tech House
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Deliverator - How to make the perfect Pizza

What does it feel like to really deliver? Inspired by Neal Stephenson's pizza delivery hero from his 1992 sci-fi classic novel Snow Crash, Alec Decay's sonic rendition of 'Deliverator' endeavours to encapsulate the thrill of high speed gluten-base cheese snack delivery, while also educating the enrapt listener and dancer with the challenges and intrinsicalities of making the perfect pizza. 'Deliverator' is a high-speed herbal infusion of dancefloors worldwide with subsonic richness and the flavourful crispness of drums, and though you could definitely call it fat, it is not at all cheesy. We hope you enjoy!


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