Twerk It Down

Artist Akwa Dons
Title Twerk It Down
Release Date Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Genre Reggae > Dancehall
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Akwa Dons

Akwa Dons are two brothers from Benin Nigeria who have been singing together since they were 6 years old due to the fact that their uncle was a choir master. They have been recording music for a very long time even though they are still very young men,both who are very gifted as you will hear and i am sure will come to love their works, they compose and record their music in their own studio and in doing so has managed to create their own very distinctive style of music.They do a combination of roots reggae and dance hall as well as Afro dance music and all done very effectively in every janra ,they are a very exiting duo and i cant wait for an oppertunity to see them peforming their style of music on stage because i am sure it will be electricying to say the least. Akwa Dons formerly known as Nice Guys have released a string of really good songs locally, but like a lot of artist around the globe has not received the exposure they deserve up to this point,i have no doubt that these two brothers will go all the way to the top and so i take great pleasure to be releasing this single which is from their upcoming album Go Plant Some Seeds out in 2020 .Sugilite Records is very exited to be given the oppertunity to launch these brothers to the world with their brand of music ,i hope you will all take a moment to listen to these guys and i am sure you wont regret a second of it.So please look out for their brand new single Twerk It Down and make sure you buy a copy so you can dance around as much as possible to their happy singalong style of music. Thank you all for giving us this oppertunity to let you get carried away in the most desireable way dancing to great music,best of luck from all at Sugilite Records. Primitive


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