Deus Ex Machina

Artist Agressiva 69
Title Deus Ex Machina
Release Date Thursday, June 6, 2019
Genre Electronic > Techno > Industrial

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Agressiva 69 - “Deus Ex Machina” (1993/2019) Remastered

Agressiva 69 is one of the first representatives of industrial rock and slowly turns to celebrate 30 years of existence jubilee. The band's history began indecisive times of the 80s and 90s. The founders of A69 are Tomek Grochola and Jacek Tokarczyk, later accompanied by Robert Tuta. The new drummer is Filip Mozul. Agressiva 69 represents the full of energy, rock or even rock'n'roll attitude towards industrial music with electronics. The attitude similar to the one represented by KMFDM, Young Gods, Ministry or Revolting Cocks. Agressiva 69's actions intertwine with the pioneer times of the scene and show business in post-communist Poland.

The band's changing fortunes can in no way be described constructively, however, it is worth to mention the role Agressiva has played for the popularization of industrial among communities, who are far away from experimental music. Further history of A69 is highs and low. Triumphant concerts, unusual activity, next projects and moments which the band has fortunately overcome. A69's work evolved in different directions. A Group of friends have always presented themselves as a super band live. They were a cult band among Depeche Mode fans in Poland, although their musical style is very distant from sounds made by the golden boys from Basildon. A69's orthodox fans value their breakthrough albums Deus Ex Machina (1993) and Hammer By The Gods (1994) the most.

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