2nd Floor E.P.

Artist Active Line Six
Title 2nd Floor E.P.
Release Date Sunday, May 16, 2010
Genre Electronic > House > Progressive House
Copyright © Gens recordings

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Active Line Six - 2nd floor E.P.

It cannot be ignored any longer: Croatia is a hotbed of house music talents. The land of beautiful women, great food and the well known Adriatic sea has been turning out some of the worlds most innovative producers for a number of years now, and it is with pleasure that we present the latest addition to this geographical phenomenon. Active Line Six's superlative-ridden but undeniably true summary is enough to make you sick; clever, musically sophisticated, innovative, young, shall we go on? Active Line Six is big news; he is already a seasoned producer whose achievements include 4 releases and 1 under his belt, his own record label Gens Recordings! Just a few releases and so much good response. As a producer he is constantly evolving his sound, more interested in the development of his music than promoting the lifestyle of an over hyped DJ. His new smash E.P. named Second Floor represents the full scale of his musical talent. The first song is called First Left. Funny name, but you need a sign because you can get lost wondering in your mind just listening to those trippy synths, heavy but sophisticated bass, and crispy hi-hats. It's no joke - listening to the second song will leave you in need of another sign so you don`t lose your way. Don`t be surprised - it`s also trippy, atmospheric and bass grounded. So he named it Second Right. So be careful while listening and follow those signs. Let them be a guiding light to the peace of mind we all aspire to.


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    First Left (Active Line Six)
    Second Right (Active Line Six)