Take Me

Artist Achilles / LostVolts / SASH
Title Take Me
Release Date Friday, April 21, 2023
Genre Electronic > House > Future Rave
Copyright © Future Rave Music
Country SWEDEN

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Achilles, LostVolts and SASH releases’Take Me’ via Future Rave Music

Achilles, LostVolts and SASH join forces to release ’Take Me’ via Future Rave Music.
These three DJs and music producers team up to unveil a new Future Rave banger through one of the genre’s most iconic labels Future Rave Music.
Achilles, known for his hard-hitting releases through labels like Armada Music, Spinnin’ Records and Revealed Recordings, to name a few, bring his powerful sound to this incredible production.
LostVolts, shares his mighty sound that has already received praise from the likes of Mike Williams, NAEMS and Jonas Aden. SASH brings their impressive skills to this remarkable production.
Future Rave Music continues amazing its followers, providing impressive and epic tracks that become instant hits as soon as they reach the public, their impeccable catalog is packed with bangers that help keep the genre alive, showing and proving there’s talent all over the world ready to be introduced to the Electronic music scene, regardless of age, location or gender.
On this occasion, Future Rave Music introduces this monumental collaboration between these 3 skillful DJs and music producers that brought their knowledge and sound together to create this unprecedented track.
With a mysterious/longing vibe, ‘Take Me’ kicks off with its staggering synths and a powerful underlying beat. Intense pads and sonic elements keep the intensity up, while the epic vocals, big synth layers and a drumroll unleash the mightiness of this collaboration.
Another unmissable release by Future Rave Music, the, Achilles, LostVolts and SASH combo is surely a Future Rave powerhouse, that add their name to the list of DJs and music producers innovating the genre.
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