It Feels Like Suicide

Artist A Ghost Named Alice
Title It Feels Like Suicide
Release Date Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Genre Rock > Metal > Power Metal
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A Ghost Named Alice - Metal with progressive/ Melodic/Power and Thrash Elements

The idea for "A GHOST NAMED ALICE" was born at the end of 2016 by Martin Moser, after he had determined, that he do not wanted to stay in the Extreme Metal Underground. He also wanted a band with which he finally can return to the stages of this world. Straight-forward and uncompromising. Without digital instruments from tape. The ideas for songs were there, the implementation worked quite quickly and his old mate and for many years loyal companion Dominik Sebastian was the first call. He was ready to improve the songs with his brilliant guitar work for the upcoming Album. The band began to form. The Band´s singer Jürgen Dachl met Moser at the Dreamsound Studios in Munich. He listened to his musical career and he realized that Dachl´s voice was the perfect match to A GHOST NAMED ALICE. After a long phone call and after Jürgen heard the songs, Jürgen only meant: I am in. A perfect singer for a striving band.The search for a suitable drummer was more difficult, because first:The material of A GHOST NAMED ALICE is not always easy to play. Secondly: The most good drummers play already in several bands and thirdly he also had fit to us - humanly. After several phone calls, chats and emails with various truly good drummers, the band, after some months of searching, now has the right man behind the battery: The programming of Martin Moser. Due to Life, we decided not to play Live. This is why we do not have a drummer. Even we have one on the Bandpictures. He played nothing on the CD! Songs available, band complete. A GHOST NAMED ALICE is born, kick ass and that huge!Be ready for the Austro - German cooperation which will change your METAL LIFE! Rock on A GHOST NAMED ALICE


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14.02.2018 CD-Release of "Feels Like Suicide"