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Chris Mercer / Zack Rupert / Frank Greenwood / Thomas Tiersen / James Shanon / Richie Aikman Classical Guitar Covers
E.M. Cooper Acoustic Covers
James Shanon / Frank Greenwood / Zack Rupert / Thomas Tiersen / Chris Mercer / Django Wallace / Richie Aikman Instrumental Guitar Songs
James Shanon / Richie Aikman / Thomas Tiersen / Frank Greenwood / Zack Rupert / Django Wallace Acoustic Guitar Covers Summer 2020
James Shanon / Thomas Tiersen / Django Wallace / Chris Mercer / Frank Greenwood / Ed Clarke / Richie Aikman / Zack Rupert Guitar Pop Songs 2021
James Shanon / Zack Rupert / Chris Mercer / Frank Greenwood / Thomas Tiersen / Django Wallace Classical Guitar Covers of Pop Songs
Karaokefun.cc VA Best of Megahits Vol. 4 - Karaoke
Karaokefun.cc VA Best of Megahits Vol.10 - Karaoke
Richie Aikman / Django Wallace / Frank Greenwood / James Shanon / Chris Mercer / Thomas Tiersen / Zack Rupert / Ed Clarke Acoustic Guitar Pop Instrumental
Richie Aikman / Frank Greenwood / Chris Mercer / James Shanon / Zack Rupert / Django Wallace / Thomas Tiersen / Ed Clarke Acoustic Guitar Hits
Thomas Tiersen / James Shanon / Richie Aikman / Chris Mercer / Frank Greenwood / Zack Rupert Acoustic Guitar Pop Covers
Various Artists Acoustic 2020
Various Artists Acoustic Pop Music Playlist: 14 Chilled and Laid Back Acoustic Tracks
Various Artists 00s Acoustic Covers Playlist
Various Artists Acoustic Relaxing Playlist: Beautifully Chilled Acoustic Arrangements
Various Artists Jazz Covers of Pop Songs Playlist
Various Artists Jazz Pop Songs 2021
Various Artists Acoustic Relaxing Playlist 2020
Various Artists Evening Acoustic Playlist
Various Artists Relaxing Jazz Pop Covers
Various Artists Great Acoustic Pop Covers
Various Artists Jazz Pop and Rock Covers
Various Artists Jazz Covers of Rock and Pop
Various Artists Jazz Covers 2
Various Artists Acoustic Pop Songs 2020
Various Artists 21st Century Love Songs
Various Artists Chilled Acoustic Covers
Various Artists Acoustic Hits
Vio Friedmann The Most Beautiful Songs For Dancing - Pure Latin Vol. 3 Cha Cha Cha & Paso Doble