Losing My Mind (Extended Mix)

Artist 9Blade / Reind Seid
Title Losing My Mind (Extended Mix)
Release Date Friday, March 8, 2024
Genre Electronic > House > Future Rave
Copyright © Future Rave Music
Country SWEDEN

Promotion Text

Future Rave Music welcomes 9Blade & Reind Seid with their "Losing My Mind"

Future Rave Music is thrilled to announce the release of the electrifying new single "Losing My Mind" by the dynamic artist duo, 9Blade & Reind Seid. This latest offering from the label is set to captivate listeners with its future rave vibes, energetic drops, and emotional vocal performances.

"Losing My Mind" is a testament to the innovative spirit of 9Blade & Reind Seid, blending intense electronic beats with soul-stirring vocal lines that promise to take listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions. The track is meticulously crafted, featuring powerful drops that energize the soul and breathtaking breaks that provide a momentary pause in an otherwise relentless auditory assault.

The duo's ability to evoke deep emotions through their music is evident in every note of "Losing My Mind." The voice in the track is not just heard; it's felt, resonating with listeners on a profound level and leaving a lasting impact that goes beyond the confines of the song.

Future Rave Music believes "Losing My Mind" will not only resonate with existing fans of the genre but also appeal to a broader audience, thanks to its universal themes and masterful production. The track represents the perfect fusion of energy and emotion, making it a standout addition to any music lover's playlist.

"We are incredibly excited to bring 'Losing My Mind' to our audience," said a spokesperson for Future Rave Music. "9Blade & Reind Seid have truly outdone themselves with this track, and we can't wait for listeners to experience the raw emotion and energy that it brings."

"Losing My Mind" is available for streaming and download on all major music platforms. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the future of rave music with 9Blade & Reind Seid's latest masterpiece.

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