Artist 60 Hertz
Title Gryning
Release Date Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Genre Electronic > Techno > Psy-Trance
Copyright © Basetail Records
Country NORWAY

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Psychedelic morning trance from Norway

Gryning is the first album from the Basetail crew member 60 Hertz (Marius Irgens). His unique psychedelic morning trance tracks takes the listener on a journey through new and unexperienced soundscapes, inspired by the break of dawn at scandiavian open air trance parties.

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Radio Karussell (AUSTRIA) http://www.radio-karussell.com/
    Astral Injeksjon (60 Hertz)
    Blippetiblopp (60 Hertz)
    Kjaerlighet til Galaxen (60 Hertz)
    Krystallflukten (60 Hertz)
    Lettfaur (60 Hertz)
    Snurr (60 Hertz)
    Til Morgen (60 Hertz)
    Tilbakeglimt (60 Hertz)
    Varmestraaler (60 Hertz)
    Venturasignalet (60 Hertz)