Psychegaelic - French Freakbeat

Artist Various Artists
Title Psychegaelic - French Freakbeat
Release Date Sunday, September 7, 2014
Genre Rock > Rock > Progressive Rock
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Country CYPRUS

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On The Psychedelic French Scene.

Between 1966-69 the garage/psychedelic explosion reached all corners of the world. Yet whilst many collectors happily digest Indian garage, South American psychedelic pop and japanese hard-rock, Britain's neighbouring France is often relegated to the land of groovy girl singers and jolly pop music whilst its tougher edged beat and kaleidoscopic psychedelia from the closing years of the '60s are overlooked. Psychegaelic compiles a plethora of Pretty Things-esque bad boy R&B, freakbeat and out right psychedelia that often outshines the British and American acts these young French bands sought to emulate.