Music To Dine For

Artist Galliano Sommavilla
Title Music To Dine For
Release Date Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Genre Pop > Instrumental
Copyright © Galliano Sommavilla

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Presenting 'Music to Dine' For - Instrumental Cd - by Galliano Sommavilla

Melbourne pianist/composer/author Galliano Sommavilla proudly presents 'Music to Dine For'. The music, 17 tracks in total, is taken from the cookbook of the same name also written by Galliano and first published in 2008 (Brolga Publishing). This is an independant reissue of the music part of the cookbook. This was Galliano's second cookbook with accompanying music cd, the first being 'Playing with Food' published in 2006. Music to inspire, to relax to, in company of friends during dinner, this is truly, music for the senses. Please enjoy!

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