Artist Christoph CALiM
Title Crystalline
Release Date Monday, July 20, 2020
Genre Pop > Pop
Copyright © Guardians of Earth

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CALiM releases the poetic pop song "Crystalline"

The Austrian singer/songwriter Christoph CALiM releases his powerful and poetic song "Crystalline".

“Crystalline” was written by the singer/songwriter Christoph CALiM about the strong connection between woman and man, the Yin and Yang, about two dual forces that are polar opposites and at once part of a magic cosmic attraction. Calim sings about two people who complement each other instead of fighting; two who form together a balance; two who become one and this unique connection leads to a state of crystalline perfection.

Christoph CALiM is one of the most expressive singer/songwriters of his generation. He combines a variety of music genres such as Pop, Rock, Latin, Folk, Reggae, Electro, Blues, Rap or World Music. As a singing poet, Calim writes his songs in different languages like English, German, Italian or the Austrian dialect. He is an artist with open eyes and arms, with content on the pulse of the time and he always sings for the audience with heart and brain at the same time and in full intensity. His lyrics are poetic & simple, his voice powerful & gentle and his thoughts time critical & open minded. Singing, (song-)writing and playing guitar is his way to activate feelings, to provoke thoughts, to change the world and to spread hope & love. „In a world full of systems and boarders, I want to be a ‚genre-less‘, a boundless artist“, underlined Calim.


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