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Iron Hands

Artist Senad Ponjevic - Ponjo & Friends
Title Iron Hands
Release Date 2013-06-24
Genre Rock > Rock > Instrumental
Copyright © Ton4U Production

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Great Musicians !!! Great Songs !!! Great Friends !!!

“Iron Hands“ is the latest instrumental album of the composer named Senad Ponjevic – Ponjo. Many professional artists complement the composer’s famous bass lines in every single song and the result is just overwhelming: new tunes and various styles from Rock, Funk, Fusion to Jazz. Ernst Grieshofer, Vjekoslav Malinka and Michael Willmann play the drums and give the album a groovy character. Daddo Oreskovich, Zoran Wolf, Eddie Duranovic, Mario Pohn, Salho Eljazovic and Almir Alajbegovic are responsible for the amazing guitar riffs and solo parts. The smoother tones, produced by the young and talented saxophonist Daniel Dundus, are of course present as well. All in all, it is a masterpiece of many brilliant men working together and definitely worth listening to it! Recorded in Studio "Ton4U", Graz- Austria 2012/2013. Produced by Audio Engineer Almir Alajbegovic ( Supported by friends: Edin Arnaut - Cedar Falls IA, USA Jasmin Sehic - Brisbane, Australia Senad Karajic Taski-Sunset Cafe, Chicago IL, USA


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